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Aquarius September 2005


Love and Romance

Your month begins in astrological terms with a New Moon in Virgo on the 3rd. A time to begin new projects or make new contacts, and falling in your 8th house you could expect your emotions to be more intense than usual. You may experience a merging of souls with those around you and may be vulnerable to feelings of possessiveness as you begin to undergo deep transformations from within. The 4th sees Mars forming a harmonious relationship with the emotional Moon and you may feel an atmosphere of sexual tension building throughout the day. This positive aspect may well help you to express your feelings passionately and intensely in an intimate relationship. Your secret world is stimulated on the 13th and deep sexual feelings emerge fired up by the presence of fiery Mars interacting with the Sun in your 8th house sexual zone! A similar pattern continues until the 18th, expect positive communications over this period.

Good days 3, 4, 13, 14, 15, 18



You will be making financial resolutions at the New Moon on the 3rd, a good thing too as you begin the month under difficult financial aspects. As Mercury, the Sun and then the Moon take turns to oppose Uranus between the 2nd and 9th you should prepare for unexpected financial statements to emerge. You should weather this storm as from later on the going gets easier. Signs of what might be ahead emerge as a positive transformation is indicated by the 8th and more strongly on the 18th when you can expect some positive and unexpected encouragement centred around your area of personal achievements. The Full Moon also on the 18th encourages you to look at the details of your financial statements and begin afresh.

Good days 8, 18

Bad days 2, 3, 9, 23


Daily routine

As the Moon moves into Cancer on the 25th it encourages our weepy side to emerge as our sensitivity hits its peak. Try to get things in perspective, as you may be prone to take things too personal. You may experience a strong atmosphere of excitement as the Moon trines Uranus on the same day and have a low threshold for boredom. You should seek out a group of friends to party with, but keep your emotions to yourself. The next day sees Venus enter the same dialogue and this should see your popularity rise, especially through the eyes of employers. Your sympathetic side is tuned up now and you are keen to show it. You thrive in a situation with female contact as you are tuned to their natural instincts now.

Best days 25, 26, 27

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