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Cancer September 2005


Love and Romance

Travel and romance go hand in hand on the 8th. As the Moon couples up with Uranus an unexpected or surprising get together could occur. If you are not travelling at this time you may form a new and wonderful contact with someone from a foreign country. With the Moon in Scorpio suspicions might arise, but are probably due to just mood swings. With Saturn squaring the Moon at the same time, but in your financial zone you are being asked not to overspend in order to impress. On the 18th any developments in the above may be tested as Venus takes a turn to clash with Saturn. Which ever way you look at it a holiday romance is on the cards but you should watch the spending. By the 26th you could come alive as the prospect of love adds a kick to your day.

Best day 26

Days to be careful 8, 18



A fairly quiet financial period where the only points to watch are as outlined by the above on the 8th and 18th where spending should be kept in check. By the 29th you seem to have developed an intuitive instinct to your finances and may decide to spend wisely on the home or in restructuring a mortgage or other commitments. The aspect surrounding this shows a positive development so make use of this period to consolidate any ideas or complete any communications that are underway.

Best day 29

Days to be careful 8, 18


Daily routine

You create a great impression on the 4th with those around you that goes a long way in creating a positive atmosphere. People will respond to any sacrifice you make in a genuine and friendly way. You may have difficulty continuing this the week beginning the 12th where tasks at work seem so much more difficult and you might not be making the impression you would like. As the Sun squares Pluto you may even experience a power struggle going on and by the time Mercury gets involved midweek you could feel taxed and a very forceful side to your personality could emerge causing anxiety around you.

Best days 4, 18, 29

Bad days 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

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