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Capricorn September 2005


Love and Romance

The Moon glides almost invisibly on the 4th into your philosophical zone, the travel, education and personal horizons area and forms a wonderful but fleeting aspect with Mars in your house of love and romance. A positive tension might develop that charges your relationship and points to what is currently good about your life. On the 14th - 16th a similar but more powerful pattern emerges that consolidates these feelings. The involvement of Mercury tells you to slow down and give your partner the encouragement and time to express their feelings and you resolve to stop arguments and criticism. Your relationship flourishes when you allow your creative energy to come to the fore. A harmonious and emotionally secure aspect takes place on the 22nd just before the Sun leaves analytical Virgo for Libra on the 23rd. You have the capacity to understand your partner and so help nurture and strengthen them, and with the moon gliding through your house of true love, you can expect positive reaction in return.

Good days 4, 13, 14, 15, 16, 22



Your financial month begins with a bit of confusion over your resources. Something doesn't add up and what perhaps looked good quite recently is now by the 3rd or 4th looking a bit more fragile. Venus squares Saturn on the 18th and a social occasion might be more costly than first anticipated. Saturn is encouraging you to tighten your belt and not give in to the seductive qualities of Venus who is suggesting a bit of luxury or flamboyance might be in order. Patience and experience seems to have paid off by the 25th as Saturn sitting in your area of joint finances interacts well with your area of personal achievements. News that your finances are heading in the right direction could now follow. Again on the 29th as the month closes your intuition about a financial matter may prove to be correct, and if you hoped that some difficulties might simply disappear, then at least for the time being they probably have.

Good days 6, 19, 25, 29

Difficult days 3, 4, 8, 18


Daily routine

The 23rd sees the Moon enter Gemini and you may be inclined to say what you think people want to hear rather than expressing your true opinion. With Uranus complicating matters your mental abilities might be on hold and you may suffer from unpredictable emotional outbursts. This is just short lived as the very next day you may feel restless, bounce back and are eager to complete a project already started. With the involvement of Jupiter expect a bit of luck thrown in. The area to benefit most from this is your zone of ambitions and personal achievements.

Good day 24

Difficult day 23

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