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Gemini September 2005


Love and Romance

You start the month on the 4th feeling very loving with a lot of love to give. You feel so relaxed about your relationship that you are happy to give but in an effortless way, even though you might not receive the same amount back. Your relationship seems to function well on this. The 13th you are an inspiration to your partner and you can tune in to their feelings with great ease, expressing your feelings while remaining emotionally strong and confident. You expect excitement and adventure, and may be a bit provocative. The 18th sees a very persuasive and dominating side emerge. You keep your relationship alive by being very open and curious about your partner. Not that they have anything to hide, you just have a certain hunger for info! Mercury trines Neptune on the 29th and you are very attuned to your partner. You communicate with great ease and have a desire to have a mental influence over them.

Good days 4, 6, 13, 18, 24, 29



As the moon swings into your financial sector on the 25th it activates the unpredictable Uranus, the planet that springs a surprise or two. Given that this is entirely harmonious, you may be pleasantly surprised about your bank balance. The Moon reinforces this the following day when Venus is activated in your working zone. Again your financial sector comes alive. Expecting a bonus? You seem to be on a roll at work, especially in dealings with others. This won't go unnoticed.

Good days 25, 26


Daily routine

Problem solving might give you a headache on the 8th as the restricting influence of Saturn clashes with your work zone. Work today might seem monotonous and boring with your concentration dipping. You feel a need for independence on the 18th and feel a surge of excitement and unpredictability as the day unfolds. Perhaps this is a day to spend with your friends and have a break from the family. You seem to be an expert at setting yourself up for disappointments on the 24th as Venus squares with Neptune. If you were thinking about getting away for the day, perhaps your expectations were a bit unrealistic and you remain grounded. If you had a journey booked, perhaps something will arise that you had overlooked and you need to change your plans. This is not so much disruption to your plans, but perhaps more simply, unattainable goals.

Best days 18, 26

Bad days 8, 21, 24

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