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Leo September 2005


Love and Romance

Your mental agility can be very seductive and on the 4th you sparkle and radiate drawing attention from admirers. You learn to relax and feel at ease in a love relationship knowing that you don't really have to keep trying in order to please. As the Moon moves into your house of love and romance on the 10th you have a two day spell to use your intuition and reflect on how you are perceived by your partner. Your mood may make you feel that you are in a halfway house, your partner is neither living with you nor living without you. You may feel a love relationship undergo a transformation on the 29th and begin to show great intensity in emotional bonds. By showing your vulnerable side others may tune in to your needs and offer you a greater degree of emotional commitment.

Best days 4, 18, 29

Difficult day 11



You enter a difficult two-week period at the start of the month with a series of testing aspects in your financial sectors. With the Sun, Moon and Mercury all opposing Uranus on the 2nd, 3rd and 9th, unexpected circumstances arise in quick succession. When the Sun clashes with Pluto on the 11th although your finances may take a knock, it is your self-esteem you may be more concerned about. The 13th is lucky for some and for Leo you have a golden triangle tying together your financial, working and personal achievement zones with Mercury also involved you may hear some positive news or have rewarding discussions about your finances and a work situation.

Best days 13, 18, 22, 25

Days to be careful 2, 3, 9, 11, 23


Daily routine

As mentioned above, the main event is the golden triangle forming on the 13th involving the Moon in your routine zone, Mars in your achievement zone and Mercury and your ruler, the Sun in your financial zone. All this happens just after the Moon enters Capricorn on the 12th and suggest that work will be very important for you around this period. Positively starred, it will boost your finances and self-esteem and personal image.

Best days 12, 13

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