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Libra September 2005


Love and Romance

Your sexual and romantic zones are being activated by the conflict between Mars and Neptune on the 3rd and 4th. You may feel vulnerable and dissatisfied with your physical relationships, perhaps seeking an escape through alcohol. By the 6th you have a better understanding about loved ones and are more sympathetic and manage to avoid emotional conflict. This pattern repeats on the 19th and you again become sympathetic tuning in to your partner and understanding them giving you emotional satisfaction. Your best day will be around the 29th when Mercury forms a perfect relationship with Neptune, when you can completely be on the same wavelength as your partner, intuitively understanding their every gesture.

Best days 6, 19, 29

Days to be careful 3, 4,



September is a potentially difficult month for finances with both positive and negative aspects and a few minefields forming in your financial zones. On the 18th expect the unexpected as Venus and the Uranus get together creating a pleasant surprise. As this will touch on your area of employment Monday will be the day to feel the benefits of this. Unfortunately Venus clashes with Saturn at the same time asking you to curtail spending and to watch out for expenses relating to friendships and socialising. When Venus clashes with Neptune between the 22nd and the 26th you may feel extremely uneasy about a possible financial development, especially if you think someone is hiding some of the details. Make sure there are no misunderstandings especially on the 24th when the aspect is strongest.

Best day 18

Days to be careful 18, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26


Daily routine

You may feel a lack of independence and perhaps boredom about a work situation on the 2nd and 3rd feeling a need for more variety in what you do. On the 9th you need to ensure you are on the same wavelength as your colleagues and allow them to catch up with you today. You may have a tendency to be impatient if others don't follow on quickly. The Full Moon early on the 18th stimulates your area of secrets and dreams. You may feel torn between your own personal inner world and your analysis of the external. This may be true especially in relation to the finer details in life, whether you are an idealist or a realist. The weekend of the 23rd sees you more relaxed if your environment is a bit unconventional, especially if you are entertaining. Emotions may run a bit high this weekend.

Best days 8, 23, 24, 25

Bad days 2, 3, 9, 23

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