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Pisces September 2005


Love and Romance

The romantic aspects affecting Pisces form towards the end of the month and on the 25th the Moon moves into Cancer in your house of love and romance. This can often be an emotional time generally and in your house of love could be all the more so. Feelings might normally be expected to run deep and emotions to flow to the surface until the 27th. But hang on, the 25th and 26th are your best days of the month with Venus and Uranus becoming involved. Travel is highlighted and so is your vitality. You are set to sparkle on a journey where you can expect some unpredictable but wonderful feelings to emerge. If you are travelling around this time, happiness, compassion and love should all come to the fore.

Best days 25, 26



The 18th is a star day for your finances with lucky Jupiter in your eighth house teaming up well with the transformational powers of Pluto. You may think big about your finances and about your personal achievements and by thinking positive, change the very nature of how your finances might be transformed. On the 25th the restricting powers of Saturn should ease off and you may hear good news or have discussions about a financial matter. Your area of daily routine is also highlighted so perhaps more money can be earned from your existing contacts. Good news about your finances on the 29th may be the result of a misunderstanding or mistake. Perhaps you had expected to pay dearly for something but it turns out otherwise.

Best days 6, 18, 25, 29


Daily routine

You may feel uneasy or emotionally vulnerable on the 8th but this is just a fleeting moment as the Moon sweeps across your travel sector. Being in Scorpio it should ensure that a good bit of doubt remains in your mind about an event. By the time it leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius on the 9th it's roving nature will come to the fore and you will be ready to explore fresh horizons. Your best days come towards the end of the month and on the 29th you may feel like a celebration as you dwell on recent achievements.

Best days 9, 29

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