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Sagittarius September 2005


Love and Romance

You develop a great rapport and sympathy with a loved one on the 19th and with the Moon in Aries you become energetic and dynamic in the process. You can expect a greater emphasis on communication and discussion and will have the ability to paint pictures with words. In essence your powers of seduction will be elevated and although your sweet-talking will be devoid of any detail, you could manage to create a dream like atmosphere.

Best days 18, 19



September seems to be a great month for Sagittarians with your areas of both personal and joint finances well starred. Starting on the 13th a wonderful aspect forms between Mars, Mercury, the Sun and the Moon to activate your financial, routine and personal achievement zones in a positive way. If you were expecting news it should be better than you had hoped and should come from a source of employment or personal achievement. A matter relating to the home could produce an unexpected bonus around the 25th and when Venus gets involved on the 26th you may feel the time is right to express your aesthetic qualities around the home. Purchases now should be money well spent.

Best days 13, 25, 26


Daily routine

The aspect formed on the 13th already mentioned actually begins to form on the 8th and highlights your zone of personal achievements. With Mars activated in your sixth house your daily routine will have an added urgency to it. You will tackle works around the house or in the workplace with a determined vigour and will derive your satisfaction through your intolerance of laziness. You could move mountains over this period. By the 18th your mental abilities will match your stamina and you will enjoy the thrill of mental competition.

Best days 4, 13, 18, 22

Difficult day 21

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