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Scorpio September 2005


Love and Romance

You appear to be heading towards a bit of love turbulance early in September. The New Moon appears on the 3rd in your friendship sector but Uranus is opposing it in your house of love. Sudden eruptions or a surprising fallout! Add to that, on the 9th, Mercury opposes Uranus in the same sector and you could be having a verbal quarrel with someone you love. Two such aspects might indicate something a bit serious is going on. By the time of the Full Moon becomes exact in your house of love and romance on the 18th, it stimulates your house of true love and your friendship zone. Given that it falls in Pisces, you could be either patching up your quarrels or forming a wonderful new relationship with someone else. With Venus positioned well in your sign of Scorpio you should be more than happy with this months Romantic developments.

Best day 18,

Difficult days 3, 9



Jupiter and Pluto set the stage on the 18th for a truly star day to bolster your finances. The power of good fortune, expansion, thinking big, and transformations all affect your finances around this date. These are your personal finances, your earning capacity which are being highlighted. What ever you are doing right now, just keep doing it. It will pay the rewards.

Best days 18


Daily routine

Your home may feel the effects of Neptune on the 19th, imagination, dreams, confusion, and fantasy. You will most likely find some inner peace and harmony, and with the moon involved some emotional security. The interesting point is that with the Moon in Aries on this day, your dreams and contemplation might just become reality.

Best days 18,19

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