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Taurus September 2005


Love and Romance

The greater harmony you so crave in your life could arrive by way of a romantic development early in the month. The New Moon on the 5th could signal the start of a relationship that gives you much more spiritual growth. Taking place in your house of love and romance you could get swept away by events as you set out to assimilate a friendship into your life. While a surprise talk or communication doesn't initially bring about what you are looking for on the 9th, by the 13th international communication or long distance travel could bring romantic developments to the fore. Indeed it may simply be a learning process rather than a destination, a journey of the mind perhaps, but this should set you on the path to real romance. The period 14th - 16th sees you fired up and your powers of seduction smoothed to perfection. By the 18th you could be hearing news that allows your spirit to soar and awake your deepest desires.

Good days 4, 5, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 22

Difficult days 2, 3, 9, 11



A quiet start to the financial month where you are preoccupied by other areas of your life. Over the weekend of the 10th - 11th you may be looking at the bigger picture, the way your finances impact on your lifestyle and ambitions for the future. Planetary activity in your financial sector intensifies towards the end of the month with a difficult aspect on the 23rd. The balance between friendships and finances could shock you or throw up the unexpected. The following day however, brings a bit of good fortune, perhaps through a communication or information you receive. Again on the 29th an existing situation might improve, perhaps related to restructuring living expenses or costs around the home. For some people property transactions could have a positive financial outcome.

Good days 10, 11, 24, 29

Watch out 23


Daily routine

Harmony and balance are the key words the 5th - 7th when you are feeling diplomatic and happy to put up with people you don't necessary agree with. This won't go unnoticed at work on the 6th where you give the illusion that everything is just great. You get praise for this. If you are having talks or negotiations at work over your involvement in a particular area, or indeed wage restructuring, do so towards the end of the month when you have both luck and the skills of communication to hand. You can use this at home on the 24th - 25th or at work on the 29th.

Best days 6, 24, 25, 29

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