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Virgo September 2005


Love and Romance

Most of the planetary activity in your zone of love and romance takes place mid month and by the 12th your partner might seem a bit left out as you become work orientated. You seem to have a drive about you that places responsibility before pleasure. The following day however sees the formation of a powerful aspect that helps you to express your feelings and get a better understanding on how others feel about you. For many Virgoans this all happens during a romantic journey that involves long distant travel or for others through communications with people at a distance. The weekend of the18th - 19th is a period when dreams can go beyond the dreaming stage. You have a renewed excitement and enthusiasm about everything you do over this period and extend this to the people around you as you tune into them emotionally and understand them in depth.

Good days 13, 18, 19

Difficult day 12



The 4th may see you spending on the home as you become seduced by the possibility of extra comfort. Alternatively you may be feeling more generous and indulge yourself or someone else with a luxury item. The positive aspect surrounding this would suggest that this is not a problem and you will spend well. You have a bit of good fortune around the 18th and may stand to improve your finances that relate to home spending. Perhaps this is simply restructuring your existing financial commitments or getting a better deal on your utility supplies. The month ends with very welcome news concerning your employment. Your work related earnings could get a boost around the 29th when you should get your own way in a deal. You have a great talent at the moment for tuning into your colleagues, confusing them and so standing to get what you feel you deserve.

Good days 4, 5, 6, 7, 18, 25, 29


Daily routine

You experience a bit of unease or difficulty on the weekend of the 3rd - 4th feeling a conflict between your home commitments and a need to expand your horizons. It is not until the 14th - 15th that you feel a real sense of freedom and begin to cast off a bit of the Virgoan analytical caution that has been surrounding you. By the 24th as Venus squares Neptune you may feel a deep unease and a need to create a balance in your life that goes beyond material wellbeing. By the 29th when your ruling planet Mercury trines Neptune your imagination is so powerful you can influence those around you. You understand though, the importance of mental purity and it's ability to help you benefit most from your extraordinary range of talents.

Best days 6, 14, 15, 19, 29

Difficult days 3, 4, 24

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